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Hemp Field
How are we different?
Chemical free, whole flower
extraction of CBD

South Point Hemp is unique in many ways. First, as farmers, we have our hand in every single step of the process. From seed to seal, we take part in planting, harvesting, extracting, product production, packaging, and even shipping.

Second, we use a special, all natural technique to extract CBD from our strain specific flower. Meaning, we use zero chemicals during the process.

Let's dive in a littler deeper down below.

There are various ways to extract CBD from the hemp flower. One of the most common being solvent based extraction, where ethanol, butane, propane, or a high profile alcohol is used. With the use of these chemicals, there is a potential for toxic residue being left in the finished product.

We prefer to take the safest and most all-natural route whenever possible, and in this case, IT IS! We use a proprietary technique that uses one ingredient other than our flower, MCT Coconut Oil. After a little magic and mixing, the process leaves us with the most possible cannabinoids, and a full spectrum hemp oil.

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