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Pets and CBD

You may be wondering, "Can I give my pet CBD?". The answer is YES! If your animal is a mammal, it can most likely take CBD, but it is always best to check with a veterinarian before giving your animal anything other than its normal food and treats.

CBD has a lot of the same benefits for pets, that it does for you and me. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, but can help with chronic issues like arthritis, seizures, skin conditions and more. CBD is also great for stress and anxiety reduction, aiding bone and joint health, issues that come along with aging, and just overall wellness.

There are many different CBD products for pets, and South Point Hemp currently offers two. First we have your standard CBD oil. The benefit of giving oil over any other method, is that the dose can be fine-tuned and adjusted to meet your pets exact needs, down to the drop. (FYI, one drop of our CBD oil contains .45mg of CBD.) You can give a little more or a little less at any time if it looks like your pet needs their dose changed. If your pet has a strict diet, oil is perfect for them, as it can be added to any food or a treats that they regularly get. You can also just rub the oil on their gums if they allow it. For safety reasons, we advise that you never put our glass dropper into your animals mouth.

Our second pet product is Chicken Flavored CBD Pet Chews. Each chew has 1mg of CBD. Chews are perfect for animals on the go, and come in a convenient resealable pouch. If you feel like your animal doesn't need CBD all the time, chews are the way to go. If your animal gets anxious or nervous when going to the vet, or loud noises like fireworks get to them, chews are a great way to provide them with occasional CBD that could help relieve that stress and anxiety.

CBD is going to effect each animal differently, just like it does humans. Some pets and conditions may need a little more, some may need a little less. It all depends on that specific animal. Trial and error, and time will help figure out exactly how much CBD your pet needs. We suggest starting out with a small dose and increasing if you see minimal or no change in your pet. Depending on the pet, results and change can be seen almost immediately, but with other animals or conditions, it can take time to see the results. Unfortunately, our pets can't tell us if they're feeling better or any different. Consistency is key. Jotting down the time and amount of CBD you are giving your pet can be helpful in deciding if they're getting the right amount or if they need it more or less often.

For oil, we suggest 1 drop of CBD per 10lbs for a standard condition.

For chews, we suggest 1 chew per 5-25lbs for standard conditions.

All of the doses we suggest are based on a twice daily administration.

Below, I have included our dosing guide. As always, it is just a suggestion, and South Point Hemp is not a veterinarian, but we have seen what has helped other animals, and based off that we have created this guide.

CBD Animal Dosing Guide

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