Strain-Specific Benefits



  • Anxiety

  • Sleep Aid

  • Virus Protection

  • Depression



  • Anti-Oxidant

  • Anti-Parasitic

  • Cancer Relief

  • Enhances Motivation



  • Depression

  • Alcoholism

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Anti-Oxidant



  • Open Airways

  • Short Term Memory

  • Sleep Aid

  • Anti-Inflammatory/Pain



  • Uplifting

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Healthy Brain Functions


Our Strains Explained

On all of South Point Hemp’s product labels, you will see a strain name. This name is not to be confused with flavor as Cherry Wine, for instance, will not taste like Cherry Wine. That is the strain of hemp plant that product is derived from. Outside of some subtle flavor and smell differences, all of our products essentially taste the same. Obviously, this discussion does not pertain to the chocolates nor the fruit chews. While there are some general benefits that all strains provide, each strain has some unique characteristics that make it a better choice for a particular condition you're looking to resolve. Let’s look at each strain and the benefits derived from them.

All of our strains effectively treat inflammation, which subsequently reduces felt pain, stress and anxiety. Some strains have predominant chemical components native to that strain that can elevate some of the common effects such as stress and anxiety relief. These components provide additional benefits that are noted below. Using this as a guide, you will be able to determine which product will best treat your symptoms.

CHERRY WINE - The Cherry Wine strain has an aroma of cherry wine, hence the name, as well as hints of cheese and black pepper. The strongest CBD content when it comes to our oils, Cherry Wine has other chemical components that make it highly effective as stress and anxiety relief. It also has proven to be of great use for sleeplessness as this strain provides the necessary compounds in the appropriate amount for the consumer levels of relaxation not available prior to use. Cherry Wine provides effective benefits against viruses, bacteria, fungi and has shown promise in the battle with cancer.

MOUNTAIN BLIZZARD - The Mountain Blizzard strain has an aroma of pine, wood and rose notes. This strain has the strongest CBG content, which means it can enhance pleasure and motivation while alleviating pain and regulating appetite and sleep.  Other potential uses are for people suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, glaucoma, Huntington’s disease and fighting cancer. It is an anti-oxidant and anti-parasitic and has been used in natural medicine throughout history.

MOUNTAIN MANGO - The Mountain Mango strain has an aroma that tends towards the spicier side of the spectrum. The same chemical compounds in this are present in black pepper, basil and oregano and this particular strain will deliver a spicy warmth to the nose, similar to cinnamon and cloves. Benefits of this strain include potential relief from alcoholism, depression and anxiety. It has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties making this strain a leading candidate for those with those types of conditions.

PINEAPPLE DESTRESS - The Pineapple Destress strain has a strong fruity smell that meshes well with the earthy and pine hints in its aroma. Due to this, it is particularly good in opening up blocked airways and also aids in short-term memory loss. Pineapple Destress has strong anti-inflammatory benefits as well as an effective aid in fighting pain. Second strongest in terms of CBD content, this particular strain has high levels of most cannabinoids which lends to an extremely effective entourage effect when consuming products of this strain. This effect provides increased relief against many issues faced by consumers and is one of our best all-around strains.

QUICK KUSH – The Quick Kush strain has a sweet, herbaceous flavor with citrusy and woodsy undertones. It offers a wide array of medicinal properties and uplifting effects. This strain has a key chemical makeup that has shown to help treat the symptoms of diabetes by inhibiting the proliferation of key enzymes. It also promotes healthy brain functions and is particularly effective against hypertension. Strong anti-inflammatory benefits will provide pain relief and this particular strain will significantly increase the users energy and peace of mind.

The statements made regarding any of our products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or an alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.